Our Story

A Kenyan Family Making Their Way in Australia

The idea for Red Orchid Ventures was born in Nairobi, Kenya where we are originally from. Our kids are young and we wanted a much better lifestyle for our family of 5. Australia was the best Country to pursue our dreams and new goals and we made our big move in early 2017 to beautiful Adelaide, South Australia with much anticipation and excitement!

I knew I wanted to start a business with a strong purpose and use my many years of Management experience garnered in the Corporate world to start and nurture that business. A great way to contribute to our new Community too, through business.

Before leaving Kenya, I established contacts with various local artisans and disadvantaged local women who were working hard every day to provide for their families, usually singularly, by selling their beautiful craft. So I buy their unique quality products outright and import them to Adelaide, and sell them at the various Markets in Adelaide. 

I am quickly establishing and growing my business due to my passion for it and I am excited to be establishing being a regular stallholder at key Markets, primarily the inclusive and friendly Fullarton Market on 411 Fullarton Road, every 4th Saturday of every month from 9am - 1pm

My being in Adelaide provides a market for many hard working Kenyans, men and women, struggling through life, like most of us, to access business channels they otherwise would not have, if not for my being here.

I know I can make a difference - so I do! Red Orchid Ventures aims to be a Business with Purpose; Empowering. Encouraging. Hopeful for many, now and in the future.     


Pauleen Kinoti Mwenesi