About Us

Committed to Showcasing Africa's Beauty

Red Orchid Ventures is an online platform that brings the Beauty and Vibrancy of Africa's Fashion to the World through African-inspired handmade Fashion Accessories, Crafts and Clothing Designs.

The beauty and diversity in Africa is undiscovered, rich and intriguing. Our Mission is to share our African Culture by showcasing the Unique Products, Designs and Creations that complement any Fashion Style, from all Walks of Life.

We aim to work with African Designers and Communities in Kenya, and other parts of Africa, who produce Quality and Innovative Designs, Crafts and Artifacts ethically and sustainably and to provide livelihoods for various Communities in the process.


We are always looking for Partnerships with upcoming Kenyan designers or established businesses that work with local Communities to showcase their creativity to the World through their products.  

Contribute to Changing Lives

We continuously aim to reflect the beauty of Africa to the World through Fashion Accessories. We want to work with as many disadvantaged and independent small business owners in Kenya and over time, as many other African communities as possible, to make a difference in their lives, one accessory at a time.  

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